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Deloitte Discovery
Streamline, simplify and accelerate your discovery process.

Deloitte Discovery Services
A business dispute, regulatory investigation, or multi-million dollar litigation may hinge on identifying whether a single piece of data was communicated, generated, altered, or deleted, and under what circumstances. The biggest challenge in discovery today is how to manage the vast volumes of hardcopy and electronic information to identify evidence which is relevant to the case.

Deloitte Discovery is a one-stop service for all discovery related matters including pro-active litigation readiness, planning, collection, processing, hosting, review and production. The Deloitte Discovery methodology is designed to put you in control of the review process by combining advanced eDiscovery technology with a robust discovery process. Our web-based review platform allows our clients to access and search case information from any remote location, and includes advance search functions such as boolean logic and foreign character search capability. Last but not least, we have designed a simple volume-based pricing structure that allows our clients to accurately estimate the cost of our Discovery services at the beginning of every engagement.

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